Year 12 Vce Legal Studies

In Unit 2, you will explore sanctions, remedies and rights. These include investigating two criminal and two civil cases that have taken place in the last four years, examining the protection of rights in Australia and another country, and possible ways to reform legal protection. For each of these two areas, you can consider real or hypothetical scenarios around a civil claim and use legal arguments to support different legal issues. This is similar to Study Area 2, but with civil law instead of criminal law! Area of study 2 focuses on remedies. You will explore the different remedies in civil law, such as the methods and institutions available to resolve civil disputes, as well as the different types of remedies and their objectives. You are also investigating two civil cases in the last four years. One of the biggest areas of this area of study that people often emphasize is recent and recommended reforms to the civil justice system. You need to be able to use a few case studies to talk about how to improve the realization of justice principles in the civil justice system, so really focus on developing an understanding of how real-world cases or scenarios relate to key concepts and ideas in the study of law. The third and final area of study in the law study of Unit 1 is civil liability.

In this area of study, you will study civil law and examine two areas of civil law in depth. A big part of this unit is your ability to apply legal reasoning and information to cases, whether real or hypothetical, so make sure you practice this skill consistently! In this area of study, you will need to investigate two crimes in detail. You need to consider real or hypothetical scenarios where a person charged with a crime has been charged with the crime and use legal arguments to support various legal issues. In this area of study, you will deal with sanctions applied in criminal law. They will also investigate two criminal cases from the past four years. Luke, 16, and his friend Chris, 15, had an argument with their friend Roy at a party. Luke tried to hit Roy, but instead he accidentally hit Chris, knocked him out, and broke his nose. Luke was charged with assault. In short, this field of study is designed to give you a basic knowledge of the legal system in Australia and Australian laws. The review committee reviews all responses to the consultation draft before preparing a final draft study design. So much fun to learn! Read the study design and take advantage of VCE legal studies! So, for civil law, you need to learn the definitions of the burden of proof and the standard of proof in relation to civil law.

This has implications for other key pieces of knowledge. They must be able to analyse and explain the different legal remedies and dispute resolution bodies in relation to these cases and relate them to the implementation or absence of these principles of justice. This area of study examines in depth the role of Parliament in legislation and the relationship of the courts to how these institutions legislate and respond to legislative reform. Essentially, the key knowledge for the first area of study is an overview of important concepts and terms that appear throughout VCE legal studies. It will be things like the difference between civil law and criminal law and the principles of justice. Unit 1 focuses on guilt and responsibility. In each VCE Legal Studies unit, you will be assessed by area of study. For Unit 1, there are three. Let`s work through them! You might look at the key knowledge area for field of study 1 and think it`s a lot of different terms and concepts, but don`t worry! Many of these terms are a bit self-explanatory, and many of them combine with each other, making content harder than it is! Ah, the results of the study.

The end result of your hard work in units 3 and 4. You may be wondering how all this information and knowledge will contribute to your score. Ask the author for access to Edit or make a copy of the class you want to edit as your own. And you can always create a whole new class! The creator of this class has not yet added a description for what is contained in this class. Programme managers lead, manage and support the production, review and development of assessment programmes and materials for upper secondary education. They also provide strategic advice and implementation support for the Foundation`s program and evaluation in Grade 12. In the design of the legal studies study, the «Key Knowledge» section of each field of study gives you a brief overview of each topic you will encounter in that field of study. Reading can help clear up confusion about what kind of content you should cover.

Unit 3 focuses on rights and justice. This unit examines both Victoria`s criminal justice system and Victoria`s civil justice system. The final draft study design will be reviewed by the VCAA Board of Directors. Any updates on the progress of the review will be posted in the VCAA newsletter. These will highlight the concepts you need to know in assessments and the skills you need in VCE legal studies. Area of study 3 focuses on rights. Pretty simple, right? The key knowledge all revolves around criminal law and goes into more detail than Area 1. One of the best things you can do is learn the key concepts of criminal law thoroughly. The elements of a crime, strict liability, age of criminal responsibility, burden of proof and standard of proof and begin to apply them to some practical issues. But if you`re looking at the study design and aren`t really sure which parts to watch out for, no matter what unit you do, check out the Key Knowledge and Key Skills sections! Study Area 1 focuses on sanctions. A penalty is a sentence imposed on a person guilty of committing a crime.

For example, Australia protects certain rights with the Australian Constitution, and Victoria protects rights under the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Duties. In contrast, the United States protects many rights through its Bill of Rights, a part of its Constitution that does not appear in our Constitution. Concepts, cases, context! These are the things that, in my opinion, are most important for a successful field of study! By using and creating scenarios to answer the questions, you can learn other aspects of the key knowledge section and incorporate them into your study, so give it a try! Study Area 1 explores the people and the Australian Constitution. In this area of study, you will examine how this Constitution controls Parliament in legislation and how it relates to the Australian people. Study Area 2 is big! After all, this is your last hurrah! Just like in Study Area 1, you will learn your concepts, the cases you will use in the answers that require examples, and you will make sure that you can put these cases and concepts in context! One of the most important aspects of Area of Study 3 is the opportunity to compare how rights are protected in Australia and in another country. An example often used is the difference between the protection of Australia`s rights and that of the United States. Are you looking for previous articles? Check out our compiled list of VCE Legal Studies` past work here! We use a proven adaptive study algorithm to help you learn faster and remember longer. Here, we look at each unit and briefly analyze the topics and skills you need in law. Do you notice a trend? Many legal studies involve looking at real or hypothetical cases – so you need to practice applying key concepts to scenarios. Details on the fields of study, results and evaluation of Legal Studies Units 1-4: 2018-2023. As with Study Area 1, the two most recent cases are one of the key findings of Study Area 2. For Study Area 2, you will deal with civil law cases.

This is reflected in the burden of proof and the standard of proof. While there is a burden of proof and standard of proof in civil and criminal law, the two areas of law use different definitions.

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