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Walny Legal Group LLC provides exceptional legal services to its clients. They are professional and competent in various areas of legal practice. As a lawyer in another county, I have had nothing but positive experiences with Walny`s lawyers. I recommend their legal services. Waldron & Schneider is a Houston-based full-service law firm founded in 1990 and dedicated to Houston and the local communities of Pasadena, Clear Lake, Galveston, League City and Friendswood. We offer a wide range of legal services. The diversity of the firm`s practice allows lawyers to focus on the various issues that clients face on a daily basis. Waldron & Schneider`s results-oriented philosophy begins with a thorough understanding of each client`s needs and leads to the development of realistic and cost-effective solutions to the most complex problems. Waldron & Schneider lawyers work in a collaborative and dynamic relationship with other professionals to ensure that issues are resolved quickly and conveniently. Ultimately, both individually and as a law firm, we strive to provide each of our clients with the highest quality legal services that reflect both excellence and value. Attorneys Arnold F. Finkbine and Brian A. Williams join the firm, and W&S continues to expand its diverse group of attorneys, who excel at providing a wide range of legal services throughout the state of Ohio.

The office moves to the heart of downtown Columbus, across the street from the Franklin County Courthouse and other prominent legal institutions. More than 20 years later, our Columbus, Ohio plant continues to serve as the company`s headquarters. Attorney Darrin Zombro joins W&S`s legal team and works in insurance defense and other insurance-related matters. Williams & Petro Co., LLC was founded in 1998 by business partners Richard A. Williams and John P. Petro to provide exceptional legal services to Ohio businesses and individuals. Lorree L. Dendis, Susan S.R. Petro, John J. Petro and Josh L. Schoenberger join the firm, expanding the firm`s ability to provide a broader range of legal services to its current and prospective clients. W&S opens an office in Cleveland and Cincinnati, enabling the firm to provide world-class legal services to businesses and individuals in Ohio`s 88 counties.

Practical knowledge and legal expertise of a third generation entrepreneur. We approach the legal experience differently. From the moment you meet with us, you`ll know how you feel when a lawyer takes care of you and how you feel. We are committed to providing our clients with a first-class legal experience. You expect quality work from your lawyer, and that`s what we offer. But you also get unparalleled customer service. We work hard to remove communication barriers to provide you with the best legal experience possible. Give you the means to resolve your dispute without being at the mercy of the legal system. A tailor-made plan that takes full advantage of the law to meet individual needs and goals. How long do I have to review a will in Texas? When a loved one dies, leaving property that has not already been transferred and received by a beneficiary, a will must first be admitted to the estate to distribute property in Texas pursuant to a will. Inheritance is the process by which […] «Inventory, evaluation and list of claims».

What is it?! If a family member or friend has passed away and you are forced to review their estate, the probate process can quickly become overwhelming and confusing. Once appointed as a personal representative, many requirements must be met in order to […] Assistance to the elderly and persons with special needs through the Title 19 process and guardianship. I have known Eido Walny for over a decade. He is an innovative lawyer in trust, estate and family estate planning. I referred him to the shop and was never disappointed. I really appreciate that his business is so focused. Not only is he an excellent lawyer, but he is also a better and sensible advisor. If you need estate planning or business succession planning, you need an initial consultation with Eido. Extensive experience in all levels of litigation and appeals in Ohio federal and state courts and our knowledge of local practices allow us to accompany, advise and assist our clients at every stage of the litigation.

I know Walny Legal Group`s lawyers personally and know that they are thorough, detailed, competent and extremely professional. I highly recommend them for all your estate planning, elder and family law needs. Although W&S is primarily a boutique insurance firm, the men and women of our firm have the skills, talents and abilities to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Who is the beneficiary? Life insurance policyholders after divorce You will need to review your life insurance policy if you are divorced to confirm who the beneficiaries are. If a divorce or annulment judgment is made after you name your spouse as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a provision […] Following John P. Petro`s retirement from the practice of law, Josh L. Schoenberger joined Richard A. Williams as a business partner and the firm changed its business name to Williams & Schoenberger, Co., LLC. Click on one of our practice areas below to learn more about what we offer and the Waldron and Schneider lawyers who can best help you in this area.

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