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«Brett Wilson has been absolutely incredible, not only in dealing with my case, but also as a support network. They demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and helped me preserve my dignity and identity in a case where this had been taken. Their communication was amazing via email and also by phone to update and explain case updates. If I hadn`t consulted with the company, I wouldn`t have made any progress because none of the other legal companies I`ve been to put me at ease and taken care of me. Their billing was timely and very informative in terms of hours spent, and the team members were all aware of all developments throughout the case. «The legal advice we receive is very good and the service is fast and accommodating. If necessary, you will find excellent advice for us. Mark Stephens — Very talented person with the ability to speak well, with in-depth knowledge of current legal issues and a particular interest in human rights, media law and freedom of expression, First Amendment issues. «Sue Charles has always provided us with excellent service. She has helped with a number of copyright infringements and is very approachable and knowledgeable and very effective in dealing with the key issues of each claim. It`s also a real pleasure to work with her, and she manages to explain important legal issues in a way that people who are not lawyers can understand. «I worked closely with Robert Tuner`s team in the London office. They were fantastic. They helped me with various projects.

The main difference from other partners and partners in law firms is the fact that all the people I have worked with at Bird & Bird are business-oriented. I think that`s the particularity of this company. As in-house legal counsel, I am looking for business solutions. «Kate Goold has exceptional multi-client capabilities that reassure affected clients so much that you can imagine them calling her for fun, not just for legal advice. Always focus on what the customer needs and don`t get distracted by what they think they want; an excellent team builder. «Ashley – one of the best lawyers in this field. He understands legal issues, attention to detail and strategic vision. An excellent lawyer. «The team has a number of very effective lawyers who come together to achieve good results for their clients. They were legally safe and had excellent industry knowledge in this area.

«Howard Kennedy has great strength in depth, they fight hard for clients and they are able to handle complex and fast litigation. At the partner level, Howard Kennedy has a number of highly qualified lawyers who are as good at dealing with legal issues as their clients with broader strategic goals. Partners are supported by hard-working and reliable employees. The company has extensive experience working with and against top athletes and celebrities. This experience in resolving cases on both sides gives him a real knowledge of pressure points in litigation, which can be invaluable in high-value, high-cost litigation. «Due to the fact that they work closely with other B&B departments, it is easy to work with them on large projects with other legal issues (e.g. data protection, finance). They are focused on business and solutions.

Very well connected with the industry and are aware of the latest technological developments that help to understand new trends and technologies. After all, bills are fair. Hello from your new American publisher. After nearly a decade of reporting on the German legal market, I adopted the U.S. Guide with new U.S. Representative Barnaby Merrill. We look forward to meeting and talking to many of you over the coming months. ACK Media Law LLP, a media and reputation protection firm, specializes in a range of litigation, defamation advice, pre-broadcasting, post-publication media content analysis and privacy advice. Susan Aslan, Co-Director of Outstanding Media Lawyer and Practice, has extensive experience in media litigation and regularly advises major national broadcasters, production companies, newspapers and publishers.

Team co-leader Sue Charles helps many high-profile clients deal with complex, long-term legal situations, such as mass lawsuits for copyright infringement. «Nigel Tait is a master strategist and skilled negotiator who is able to take the flak that his high-level clients generate. Adam Tudor is able to get all the latest benefits of the cases and is excellent with the most demanding customers. Helena Shipman is extremely diligent – enters the weeds of the falls with real enthusiasm. James Watkins offers detail-intensive support. The number of exceptional people means that teams can be formed for all types of cases and most budgets. «A fantastic team of lawyers who can be trusted to handle legally complex or potentially high-profile issues. Lawyers rely on non-lawyer team members with computer, forensic and other skills as needed, which is a valuable element for this firm. «Keystone offers the benefits of a comprehensive service offering that can provide the expertise we need for our core business, with the added benefit of 360-degree service for all other aspects of the business and individual needs.

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