Which Laws Did Jesus Abolish

After erasing the writing of the demands that were against us, what was against us. And He led him out of the way by nailing him to the cross. After disarming the principalities and powers, he made a public spectacle of them and triumphed over them. So let no one judge you in food or drink, or in relation to a feast, or a new moon, or the Sabbaths, which are a shadow of things to come, but the essence is of Christ. Colossians 2:14-17 NKJV. Many people assume that the Old Testament commandments were abolished by Jesus and are therefore no longer valid. Usually, these people justify this theory with verses from Paul that seem to contradict Jesus` own statements. Jesus says in countless situations that he is neither the friend of sin nor the friend of sinners. It may seem incomprehensible to many Christians, but Jesus was Jewish. And his teachings were much more Jewish than they are interpreted today. Jesus never said that we are free to break the law of the Old Testament, or that we can only rely on grace. Instead, He taught us that we must believe in Him and His Word in order to gain eternal life. For only those who are born of the Spirit of God are given permission to enter the kingdom of God.

Then he will confirm a covenant with many for a week; But in the middle of the week, He will put an end to sacrifice and sacrifice. And on the wing of abominations will be the one that destroys, until the consumption that is designated is poured out on desolation. Daniel 9:27 Therefore he has declared unto you his covenant, which he has commanded you, the Ten Commandments; and he wrote them on two stone tablets. Deuteronomy 4:13 NKJV, however, what some, like Seventh-day Adventists, teach is that God gave two laws on Mount Sinai. They distinguish between the Ten Commandments and ceremonial laws, saying that one (the Ten Commandments) is the law of God and the other (the ceremonial laws) is the law of Moses. Moreover, they claim that all passages in the Bible that refer to the abolition of the old law speak of ceremonial laws and not of the Ten Commandments, which (as they point out) were written with God`s finger (Exodus 31:18). That God`s moral law has not been abolished is clear from the sentence contained in the ceremonies. His moral law reflects his own holiness and can therefore never change (cf. Mt 5:17-19).

This is the law summarized for the Jews in the Ten Commandments and written in the hearts of all people (Romans 2:15) and always commanded to them (Matthew 22:37-40; Romans 13:8-10). Jesus further summed up God`s moral law by declaring, «I give you a new commandment, love one another as I have loved you» (John 13:34). The Ten Commandments, like all of God`s moral laws, are just the structured, special love God still needs (James 2:8). Meanwhile, sanctuary service laws (sometimes known as ceremonial laws) were introduced to alert people to the Lamb of God dying for us on the cross and taking away our sins. For example, when Jesus died on the cross and became the true Passover, we no longer needed the symbolic Passover. Sabbath celebrations were no longer necessary, as they were only symbolic of future events. However, the weekly Sabbath remains as it was given even before there was a need for a law of sanctuary (see Genesis 2:1–3) and will continue on the new earth. (See Isaiah 66:23.) The other commandments of the Decalogue [other than the day on which believers are to worship] are commandments of natural law that are binding and immutable at all times. Therefore, after the abolition of the Mosaic law, all the commandments contained in the two tables are obeyed by the Christians, not because their observance is commanded by Moses, but because they conform to nature, which prescribes obedience to them. As I see it, God`s law is the copy of His character, which is self-giving love. «Anarchy» is therefore a life outside harmony with the love that is given.

In other words, it is selfishness. It is separation from the Creator and the Support of life. Quite simply, sinners choose to separate themselves from the source of life, and so they die – like a light bulb goes out when separated from the energy source. Following Jesus Christ means keeping the commandments. The law has not been abolished, but man is invited to rediscover it in the person of his Master, who is his perfect fulfillment. Beware of false prophets who come to you disguised as sheep, but inside there are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Do men collect bunches of thorns or figs of thistles? Thus, every good tree produces good fruit; But a corrupt tree produces bad fruit.

A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, any more than a corrupt tree can produce good fruit. Any tree that does not produce good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. That is why you will recognize them by their fruits. St. Paul speaks about the unification of Jews and Gentiles and declares that the «Law of the Commandments» has been abolished. And on the Sabbath we left the city on a bank, where it was customary to pray; And we sat down and talked to the women who were moving in. (16:13) Therefore, whatever you want, what men should do to you, do it to them. For it is the law and the prophets.

Enter through the Strait Gate. For wide is the door, and wide is the road that leads to perdition, and there are many who enter. For the strait is the gate, and narrow is the path that leads to life, and few find it. Jewish law teaches that someone who does not keep the law is a culprit. It is also said that the devil is the root of all evil because he does not obey the law. Here`s the proof. In recent translations of the Bible, based on ancient Greek scriptures rather than Latin scriptures, it is translated as «you workers of anarchy.» But that`s not all. In the next verse, Jesus prophesies that many will come and claim that Jesus abolished the law of the Bible.

And yet, they will claim to follow Jesus and claim to act on His teachings. Read what will happen to these people. Focus your attention on the first and last sentence: In classical Greek, it was used in the context of institutions and laws to convey ideas of deprivation of violence or devaluation. The first way to abolish the old law came through Christ teaching a new law that perfected and fulfilled the old. But it would mean that the fulfillment of the old law and the establishment of the new law of Christ would be achieved over time. Christ would teach some aspects of the new law until His ascension into heaven (see Matthew 28:16–20). But will you, O vain man, know that faith is dead without works? Wasn`t Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac, his son, on the altar? Do you see how faith has worked with its works, and through works, faith has been perfected? And the Scripture has been fulfilled, which says, Abraham believed in God, and righteousness was attributed to him; and he was called the friend of God. You then see how a person is justified by works, and not just by faith. (James 2:20-24) The only death that really matters is the Second Death, pronounced directly by God in accordance with the righteous deserts of all, fire raining down on him from heaven. Those who are destroyed will have destroyed themselves, for persistence in sin hardens the heart so much that repentance becomes literally impossible.

The ultimately insolent is definitely and irrevocably incapable of living in God`s good universe, and even he must accept that his own destruction is the only way forward. By the grace of God, may it never be your destiny or my destiny! Jesus, who is better than Moses, was the new lawgiver in His Sermon on the Mount who established His new commandments [Matthew 5:19]. In that sermon, he explained the law that Jeremiah 31 said would be written in the inner parts of the believer.

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