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Fin fears that Benson will pull him out of the case, but she says she needs him and doesn`t want to lend credibility to Sean`s lawsuit (Assuming this lawsuit is directed against the department? There is a lack of clarity in this area…) Melanie still holds out hope that Sean is innocent. She says she was so sure last time and then she was wrong and now she feels like she just can`t trust herself. She says she doesn`t want to testify. Benson tries to make sure Fin is okay and he replies that he is the one who came down. She offers to speak, and he quickly replies in a really fine way that talking is overrated. After a screaming brawl between Barba, Carisi, Benson and Rollins, Barba says they need to double the physical evidence. Fin, on the stand, talks about finding the ring and his past with Sean. Fin goes on to say that he did his job well in the past and is doing it now. In the end, Martin concluded that Biden`s presence was more than just a guest star stunt. «It was really great to hear him say, `You`re doing really important work in the world.`» Hargitay continued, «It was amazing for me to see my personal life and professional life collide and overlap in the most perfect way – the Vice President of the United States was on our show, which was obviously one of my secret dreams. He was so excited and wanted to be here and it was deeply meaningful. In the courtroom, Sean says in tears to everyone, especially Melanie, that he is sorry to have taken care of Ashley.

He explains that he was drunk that night, that he was not used to it. When he told Ashley that he loved her, she laughed at him, and that was it. He went on to say, passionately, that he did these things to Ashley even though he didn`t want to, it just happened. He announces that the prison has done so. Melanie can`t take it anymore and rushes out of the courtroom. It was ugly to see Barba give up his belief in Fin, Rollins almost hung up dry because he had «helped» a witness remember certain things, and the whole team that ran here and there trying to believe that a guy who had just been released from prison after being wrongly convicted, did not commit any crime. After Charlie identifies Sean (a little reluctantly), the team goes to Sean`s apartment, where they find a few things, namely Fin finds Ashley`s engagement ring in the sink drain. Sean is quickly arrested. When he is taken away, he shouts: «I was innocent then! I am innocent now! Sean stands side by side with Melanie Harper and her adult daughter Ashley in the lineroom for the announcement. Melanie is the woman who accused Sean of rape all these years ago.

Now she and Ashley want to make amends and tell everyone that they invited Sean to Ashley`s next wedding. The trio then leaves the roster room to celebrate Sean`s birthday. Donald Trump believes that a two-page warning he attaches to his financial documents makes him immune to fraud. Not everyone thinks it`s crazy. With this latest piece of evidence, Buchanan comes to Barba to prepare a plea. Benson insists that the plea also includes Sean`s attribution of the crime to the court. Everyone agrees that Sean will be in office for 15 years. A few disturbances are in the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday afternoon, one of which, according to Estimates from the National Hurricane Center, has a high probability of becoming a storm system by next weekend, and one of them has a high probability of becoming nothing in its 14-hour update. Mariska Hargitay of Sergeant Benson said, «Well, it was a bit fuzzy for me there. I am a real-life lawyer. I`m trying to change the laws.

Then she laughed when she said, «Yes (at that time) I thought, `Hey, am I Mariska Hargitay or Olivia Benson now? «We were exposed to an unhealthy amount» of kerosene, a sailor told Insider, adding that they believed the severity of the situation had been downplayed. Executive producer Julie Martin then stepped in and said, «We wrote down the phrase `I want to thank my dear friend Olivia Benson`, and a few times I thought he would break the character and say `Mariska Hargitay` instead. I think he was about to do that a few times. While investigating the accidental death of the young son of a successful singer, Detective Benson realizes that parental neglect could also kill the boy`s sister and risk his career to help the girl. Benson reveals that by eliminating the backlog, they have removed criminals from the streets, prevented future crimes, and shut down victims. She also says that they made amends for a terrible injustice. 16 years earlier, Sean Roberts had been convicted of a rape he had not committed. Rape kit tests had identified the real rapist and he was exonerated.

At the hospital, Melanie remembers that Ashley`s engagement ring was not on her finger after being attacked. The next moment, Melanie learns that Ashley has succumbed to her injuries. And then there`s the other guest star. He only had one scene, but it was quite memorable. Well, that`s really all it takes when you`re the vice president of the country, right? You come in, make a big statement and that`s all you have to do to make everyone, on and off screen, feel cool and good at what they`re doing. It`s a safe bet that everyone can agree that there`s nothing ugly about it. In fact, it`s damn good. CNN commentator and «The View» co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin condemned former President Trump for the comments he made when he attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his wife, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. Trump said Saturday on Truth Social that McConnell had a «death wish» for supporting Democratic-sponsored bills and referred to Chao. What wasn`t ugly was to see Fin cling to his guns as his work ethic and attitude are constantly at the level of watching this episode examine the (often terrible) effects of long-term incarceration, and how he had a beautiful «mothership» feel, as the time was almost exactly half of the investigation and half of the drama of the courtroom. Martin laughs and lowers his voice a little when she reveals: «He passed for 20 minutes. But you know what, you let the VP pass if he wants to! High-ranking members of the royal family rarely show public affection, a tacit rule followed by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Congratulations also to Henry Thomas for playing Sean exactly the way the character was able to gain sympathy and at the same time be a terrible person, and all this was absolutely plausible. It`s not easy, but Thomas did extremely well in this episode. This is followed by numerous testimonies in the courtroom, including a psychiatrist who claims that a person with Sean`s profile – long imprisoned and brutalized several times – would have almost no chance of reintegrating properly into society, Charlie first becomes competent, a faltering and unreliable witness. At one point, Charlie hints that Detective Rollins «helped» him with his statement. To celebrate the return of the all-new episodes, let`s take a look back at some of the most memorable guest stars who have ever graced our screens at an SVU marathon – some of them repeatedly, like Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. The 25-year-old actress appeared twice in the series, first as a child victim in the third season episode «Repression» and later as a murderer in the tenth season`s «Hothouse.» And for Hyland, every experience was memorable in its own way. If you don`t wrap aluminum foil around your door handles when you`re alone, you should get started. In 2009, Hyland returned to the show to play Jennifer Banks, a brilliant but insomniac student who killed her roommate in arguably the most disturbing stories to date. «It was really one of my favorite characters I`ve ever played,» Hyland said. «I was obsessed with Girl, Interrupted and I first read the book when I was 15, and I always wanted to play a character like that.

Even when I auditioned for it, I thought, `This is my daughter, moment interrupted, and I`m going to try to get as much justice out of it as possible.` But playing such a psychologically unstable character wasn`t easy. «The casting process was really exhausting,» Hyland said. Also, I had just turned 18 and it was the first time I was on set without a tutor. So not only was it one of the most demanding roles I`d ever played, but I also didn`t have my mom with me. It was the first time I was all alone for this role in many ways – and it was a lot of fun. It`s also worth mentioning the performance of guest star Kelli Williams, who must be one of the best and most believable howlers of all time on television. Not only that, it takes the representation of the emotions of an extremely conflictual individual to a new level. All this begs the question: why isn`t this woman currently in a TV series? In short, one of the best television actresses there is, and she showed it here. Scroll down to learn more about the most memorable – and most surprising – guest stars ever seen on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The horror! Dr. Priscilla Chan had one of the best errrr seats in the house at UFC Fight Night 211 – and things got a little more intense.

After Russian troops withdrew from Lyman, a Ukrainian city that Putin called part of Russia, powerful Putin supporters tore apart the military leadership. Fin and Rollins go to Sean and tell him what happened to Ashley. He seems surprised by this and immediately says, «Ashley is dead! Melanie must be panicking. Asked about an alibi, Sean says he was in a strip club with a boyfriend. And that`s it – Benson sums up exactly what happened in the effort to close this case – a hell of an ugliness. Well, what can you say about a television episode that starts with one of the most senior officials currently in office, gives a positive speech and ends with the sergeant.

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