University College London Law School Entry Requirements

Applications for registration in September 2022 are now closed. UCL receives a large number of applications – for entry into 2021, we received over 68,000 applications for our undergraduate programmes. In general, only the following extended BTEC degrees are accepted for entry to UCL. This is what the University of Ucas said about the course. Use it to get a quick idea of what makes it unique compared to similar courses elsewhere. If you wish to pursue undergraduate studies in the UK and are not a UK citizen or covered by the civil rights provisions of the EU Withdrawal Agreement, you will need to apply for a visa. You can apply for a student visa up to 3 months before starting your studies, but we recommend familiarizing yourself with the immigration requirements as soon as you apply to a university in the UK to ensure that you are fully prepared for the visa application process. As our degree programmes are highly oversubscribed and you must complete the full three-year programme to obtain the degree, we do not accept transfer applications to UCL Laws from students already studying at another institution. If you wish to apply to UCL laws, you must apply through UCAS to enter the first year for the following academic year and pass the LNAT in the next admission cycle. We will not make any changes to the program`s eligibility criteria in response to extenuating circumstances. Further information on applications for UCAS programmes, including further information on eligibility requirements, is available on the following UCL prospectus pages: These requirements only apply to the 2022 application.

Entry requirements in 2023 will soon be updated This information comes from the National Student Survey, an annual survey of students in their final year of university. This allows you to see how satisfied the students in this department are with this university (not the individual course). UCL examines the Level T-level subject qualification in Education and Childcare Level 3 (provided by NCFE) with an overall score of distinction to meet only the entry requirements for the BA Education Studies programme. In accordance with UK visa and immigration regulations, students who require a Tier 4 (General) student visa to enter the UK must meet these requirements in English. An overview of admission requirements and guidelines for our bachelor`s degree programs. UCL considers that the UAL Level 3 and Level 4 extended degree in Art and Design with the final overall score of the prize meets the entry requirements for the Fine Art (BA and BFA) and Architecture programmes. We do not have a form for extenuating circumstances. UCL`s policy is that these mitigating factors are the responsibility of the examination boards and should be taken into account at the time of examinations and not retrospectively by the University. The WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology is only accepted for entry into the BSc Crime and Security Science programme. This qualification is not accepted for any other programme at UCL.

If the admission requirements for an A-level program are AAB A-level, including an A in chemistry, you will need: The current information on this website refers to entry in September 2022. Please note that all of our LLB programs are heavily oversubscribed. Meeting the minimum academic admission requirements does not guarantee admission to a program. Make sure you have read all the information on this page, including the Frequently Asked Questions section, before applying. However, candidates can meet our requirements if they are studying a BTEC extended degree as part of their course. For more information, see our BTEC requirements for each program. To be considered, you must meet (or you must meet) the minimum requirements of the program you are interested in. Given the competition for places, we recommend that you only apply for programs where you meet these requirements. UCL Law will consider you if you have excellent high school grades or high UPCH grades when you apply (A/A*). UCL Law will also consider you for entry into the following year`s undergraduate course if you receive the UPCH certificate with all of the following grades: If your AS repetition is likely to affect your expected A-level grades, your school should clearly state this in your academic reference as well as the extenuating circumstances that may have affected your initial AS session.

Continue reading: How to apply| Entry requirements| How will your application be considered by UCL Laws| What qualities are tutors looking for| Interview Process We consider the WBQ Advanced Skills Challenge certificate plus two A level grades to meet our requirements. Your WBQ Advanced Skills Challenge certificate score is considered directly equivalent to an A level score. Go to: General information | Entry requirements| Application Process | Transfers, senior status and adult students| LNAT | Career applicants who are 21 years of age or older at the time of admission are considered mature students. We welcome applications from adult applicants, but you must still meet strict entry requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Laws program and we expect you to demonstrate in the application that you have the qualities and skills required to successfully study law at the university level. UCL recognises the value of QEP as preparation for independent study, which is crucial for university-level studies. If your EPQ topic is related to the UCL programme you are applying to, you may want to discuss this in your personal statement. Please note that not all programmes accept access to higher education degrees. Please consult the relevant programme page in the Bachelor brochure for more information, including admission requirements, before applying. Please note that applicants completing the Higher Education Access Diploma must still meet the GCSE requirements of the programme. You do not have to prove your English proficiency when applying. If we want to offer you a program of study, then we will need proof.

For more information on required credentials, acceptable qualifications and test providers, please visit our English Language Requirements page. No specific topics. At least two A-level topics must be drawn from the UCL list of preferred A-level topics: Contextual offers: Please visit the course website for more details on our UCL Access programme. When we evaluate your application, we equate your pre-U majors with our A-level requirements using the following equivalencies. We accept the International Baccalaureate Full Diploma (IBDP) for access to our programmes. This typically includes: For entry requirements with other UK qualifications accepted by UCL, select your qualification from the list below: In addition to the information below, we recommend that you visit the UCL Faculty of Law website for more information on the LLM programme, specialisations and application requirements. UCL also accepts the following British qualifications. Use the drop-down list on each program`s page to find equivalent scoring requirements.

Select the appropriate qualification and the corresponding scores will be displayed. Typical UPC students perform well in a 12-year school system that does not meet the standards required for direct entry into UCL. We have no professional requirements to enter our LLB law program; Therefore, your topics are your personal choice. If you`re taking A-levels, we`ll need two of the three topics on our UCL-wide list of favourite subjects, which you`ll find here. We have no preferences and would not distinguish between topics on the list of favorite topics. In general, we recommend choosing the topics you think you have the most fun with and would do best in (especially considering our high entry requirements). If your education was not conducted in English, you will need to provide adequate proof of sufficient English proficiency. For more information on required credentials, acceptable qualifications and test providers, please visit our English Language Requirements page.

You should normally have completed or expect to have completed two years of university-level study before going to UCL. In general, we can consider access to higher education degrees for access to our programs.

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