To the Extent Practicable Legal

(2) Paragraph 307(e) of the Act does not relieve federal authorities of the consistency requirements of the Act. The Act was intended to make substantial changes to the decision-making process of federal organizations within the discretionary powers of those organizations. Therefore, whenever permitted by law, federal organizations consider that enforceable management program guidelines must be adhered to in addition to the existing statutory mandates of federal organizations. If a federal organization claims that full compliance with the management program is prohibited, it must describe in writing to the Crown agency the legal requirements, legislative history, or other legal authorities that limit the federal agency`s discretion to fully comply with the enforceable management program directives. When confronted with evidence of continued oil seepage into the ground, he notes that the owner has complied with the guidelines «to the extent possible.» (c) To the extent possible and in accordance with subsection 9.5, potential suppliers should be given the opportunity to comment on the Agency`s requirements or to recommend the application and adaptation of requirements documents and other approaches. Applicant organizations should, as a first step, use the specifications, standards and related documents for illustrative purposes only and make final decisions on the application and adaptation of these documents as a product of the design and development process. Applicant organizations should not prematurely dictate detailed design solutions (see 7.101 and 7.105(a)(8)). 2. Ensure as far as possible that: (i) promote full and open competition (see Part 6) or the widest possible competition by applying simplified procurement procedures, taking due account of the nature of the supplies or services to be procured; and when the miners demanded further cleaning of Ms. Cotagon`s property, Mr.

Cowen responded with a letter stating that Ms. Petagno had fully complied with the authority`s requirements and had eliminated the contamination «to the extent possible.» (b) The Metric Conversion Act of 1975, as amended by the General Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 (15 U.S.C. 205a et seq.), designates the metric measurement system as the preferred measurement and weighting system for trade and commerce in the United States and requires each agency to use the metric system in its acquisitions. unless such use is impractical or likely to result in significant inefficiencies or market losses for U.S. companies. The necessary activities are responsible for providing advice on the implementation of this policy when formulating its procurement requirements. (3) For the purpose of determining consistency to the greatest extent possible in accordance with subsection (a)(1) and (2) of this section, federal authority as to the law includes federal appropriation acts if the appropriation act contains language that expressly prohibits full compliance with certain enforceable administrative program directives. Federal organizations cannot rely on a general allegation of inadequate funding or approved funds, or of not considering the cost of complete consistency in federal budgeting and planning processes, to rely on a binding management program policy to the greatest extent possible. The only circumstance in which a federal agency can rely on lack of funding to limit full compliance with an enforceable policy is the presidential exception described in Section 307(c)(1)(B) of the Act (16 U.S.C. 1456(c)(1)(B)).

In cases where the cost of complying with enforceable management program guidelines has not been included in the federal organization`s budget and planning processes, the federal agency should determine the amount of funding required and request additional federal funding. Federal organizations should include the cost of full compliance with enforceable management program guidelines in their budgeting and planning processes, to the same extent that a federal organization would plan for the cost of compliance with other federal requirements. possible, achievable, achievable means. Possible implies that something can certainly exist or happen under the right conditions. A possible route to the west face of the mountain implies that something can be achieved with the means available or under current conditions. A solution that is not practical in the time available applies to what is likely to work or be useful to achieve the desired goal.

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