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Holistic support and legal representation of formerly imprisoned people The legal advice line responds to more than 1,500 calls per month. Opening hours for incoming LAL calls may be closed before the advertised time due to high demand. If you are applying for legal aid, you may have to wait more than fifteen minutes for your call to be answered. Please be patient; Our lawyers work hard to answer all the calls we receive. When the LAL is open, you can request a reminder if you don`t want to wait until a lawyer is available to answer your call. Calls are answered and recalled in the order in which they are received, so you won`t lose your place in the queue if you choose the callback option. We will call you back before the end of the same working day. Reminders come from a blocked number in the interest of customer safety. Please keep this in mind and make sure your phone accepts blocked calls. Since we may close prematurely due to the high volume of calls, it is best to call directly when we open at 9:30 am. Need legal advice, but can`t afford a lawyer? You can talk to a local legal aid group.

There are local legal aid agencies that offer free and cost-effective legal services. Click on a link to learn more about their services. See also this list of «Do It Yourself» self-help resources compiled by the Court`s self-help office. If you don`t understand something on this website or have trouble filling out your court forms, talk to a lawyer. If you are representing yourself and filling out your own court forms, we recommend that you review them with a lawyer before filing them. You can get a referral to a lawyer or legal aid group from the local Santa Clara County Bar Association. Your phone number is 408-971-6822. BayLegal staff and volunteers can help you resolve your consumer rights issues: Get help through the Legal Advice Line, a free legal helpline for qualified and low-income residents living in the Bay Area. The Legal Advice Line provides advice and guidance in all languages on a range of civil law matters.

Lawyers can provide legal advice to a caller, schedule eligible clients for an appointment at a neighborhood office, or provide the caller with a useful referral to other social organizations if needed. People received legal advice and representation to access health care and the crucial benefits of the safety net. BayLegal`s mission is to provide meaningful access to the civil justice system through high-quality legal advice, regardless of a client`s location, language or disability. Including: injunctions, legal separation, divorces, support orders, custody and access orders. We provide free civil assistance to low-income clients, including legal advice and guidance, effective remittances and legal representation. We are the largest provider of civil legal aid serving seven counties in the San Francisco Bay Area: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara. BayLegal`s thanks go to Napa County Women Lawyers (NCWL), which today launched an online fundraising site in support of Bay Area Legal Aid. For many years, NCWL and its members have provided community partnership, voluntary support, advocacy, and fundraising support for legal services in Napa County, initially in partnership with Legal Aid of Napa. Please note: Bay Area Legal Aid helps people with civil law issues. We do not provide assistance in criminal matters. If you need help with a criminal case, contact your local public defense attorney`s office or bar association. We help thousands of low-income residents of the San Francisco Bay Area lead safer, healthier and more stable lives.

Holistic services for immigrant survivors, violence and sexual assault, including VAWA and U-Visa applications, family law issues, income security, housing and access to health care. Address: 4 North Second Street, Suite 600, San Jose, CA 95113 Phone: (408) 283-3700 California Relay Service: Dial 7-1-1 or from TTY dial 1-800-735-2929 or visit the California Relay Service for more information. Fax: (408) 283-3750 Office Hours: Limited personal hours of operation can be found at abobe. If it is safe to return to work full-time, office hours are Monday to Friday: 9:00 — 12:00 and 13:00 — 17:00 Public transport: Many VTA bus stops to First or Second & Santa Clara; Light rail transit — Santa Clara station; and Caltrain & Amtrak – San Jose Diridon Station. (Take a free shuttle to 1st and San Fernando, go to 4 N. 2nd St.). Basic access to health care, including Medi-Cal, Denti-Cal, Medicare, Paratransit, county-based need programs, home support services, covered California, and private health insurance. * RSVP required: Please call RSVP at 408-918-5199 so we can provide adequate staff and translation.

At BayLegal, we thank you for your dedication and support of our work, especially during this difficult time. Victims of violence and their children have escaped intimate partner abuse and received more than $5 million in current and future support contracts. Including: landlord and tenant issues, subsidized and public housing issues, illegal evictions, foreclosures, livability and enforcement of fair housing laws legal advice and advocacy for system changes to preserve housing, help people get out of homelessness and protect the civil rights of individuals. Bay Area Legal Aid offers monthly consumer rights clinics in San Jose. Click here for clinics in all locations in the Bay Area. Today`s verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse`s trial echoes an all-too-familiar pattern in which paramilitary violence against blacks fighting for liberation and their allies operates with state sanctions. At Bay Area Legal Aid, we firmly believe that whatever the outcome of this case, non-state racial terror is not. Please note our disclaimer for all external websites linked on this page and elsewhere on our website. Bay Area Legal Aid hosts consumer rights clinics every first Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (in collaboration with SparkPoint San Jose and the Workforce Institute). The clinic is located on the campus of Evergreen Valley College at 3095 Yerba Buena Road, San Jose, CA 95135.

Clients and their children have found resources and representation to combat discrimination and eviction from housing. Congratulations to Andrea Crider, BayLegal`s Senior Staff Attorney, and her client who have just secured a $48,000 transportation debt through BayLegal`s representation in the Contra Costa County Homeless Court. Andrea reports that during a broad plea in the Homelessness and Traffic Court, this is the largest amount of debt she owes to ..

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