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As for dental and office assistants, their role is designed to facilitate and provide a better dental service. I must point out that the law states that these professions of dental assistants, dental assistants and office assistants are not independent professions. The law is very clear and precise that dental services cannot be considered a trade or an industry. Hello is Mrs. Digna Cabello and I am very interested to know if I can have a dentist in my clinic in one of my offices that practice dentistry. Home » Law » Act respecting the practice of dentistry Date of registration with the Chambre des dentistes. The first thing that catches my attention from your comment is that you confirm that this is already the second time you have gone through a situation like the one you describe, the first time a dental center and now with a dental technician only two months after placing the fixed bridge, a small perforation next to a metal island at the level of the gum line or the base of the bridge comes out. However, they must do so within a period not exceeding 60 days, calculated from their installation at any location. Speak, share ideas, add a title or license from your point of view in accordance with the provisions of the Public Registry Act. This article is an exhaustive analysis of the law on the practice of dentistry, but it does not replace or intend to replace the advice that a lawyer gives you on this subject It will also treat as assistant to the dentist those who have submitted an examination. Only strictly qualified dentists who have complied with all regulations for the practice of the profession of dentist can delegate to their respective assistants all the procedures established by law. But the changes in the bolivar over the decades have meant that such an amount has lost its power as a sanction. «The law teaches us that the practice of dentistry includes: the provision of dental services for the prevention, diagnosis of diseases, deformities and traumatic accidents of the mouth, the anatomical regions that compose it.

All dentists enrolled in the College of Dentists of Venezuela can practice their profession anywhere in the Republic. You should never intervene in the patient`s mouth, even in the presence of the dentist. They are only there to help the professional, but NOT to treat the patient directly. They are registered with the Main Registry Office, the respective Ministry and the Department of Health in which they practise their profession. It is important to say that there are minimum requirements that must be met by clinics where dentists practice and dental mechanics laboratories in accordance with the law. The Law on the Practice of Venezuelan Dentistry of 1970There is currently an initiative of the College of Dentists of Venezuela to prepare a draft new law. This is the responsibility of the College of Dentists of Venezuela, which must pay its respective organs those who are registered and affiliated with the regional colleges. Just as there is a law on the practice of medicine, there is also one with regard to dentistry.

All those who hold the special license granted by the National Directorate of Health in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Practice of Dentistry of 19 July 1926. People who are legally authorized to practice dentistry and who at the same time have the title of pharmacist or pharmacy assistant must decide before the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, which today is called the Ministry of People`s Power for Health, which we will name below in this letter. On two occasions, however, the technician intervened orally in the office in the procedure performed by the dentist. It will publish in the Official Gazette the list of dentists provided by the College of Dentists of Venezuela within the first 10 days of January of each year in alphabetical order of dentists who registered on December 31 of the previous year and have the right to practice their profession. For example, this law (of 1970) sanctioned the illegal practice of dentistry with: I leave the legal part to professionals in the field and competent bodies, so that the law only allows them to use the designation granted by the College of Dentists. In fact, on their website they have activated a section for: you must listen to yourself, guide you in your situation and finally clarify what happened there Here is the comments section for the contributions of open colleagues for a new law of the practice of dentistry Offer their professional services and must comply with the regulations on the public announcement of dental services, in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Dental Ethics. I do not know if it is more relevant to recommend you, because, as I said, I do not know the details and perhaps you have already thought about all that the Law on the Practice of Dentistry grants to the duties and rights of dentists. These include the following: Through a degree or certificate from a university school of dentistry.

With these articles, I end this article on the law of dental practice in Venezuela. They should not be advertised to the public as an aid to the dentist. He was a teacher at: National School of Public Finance Administration where you have to indicate the number of the identity card, the university where you are studying. The best thing in this regard, in my opinion, is to achieve something similar to a national convention in the button, you can directly read any article of the law of the practice of dentistry in Venezuela: any other person who takes the attributions of dentistry, in addition to committing a crime, endangers those who put themselves in their hands. Regarding your clinical scenario, which you have described, I suggest that you look for a dentist to help you with dentists who have obtained or revalidated their degree from one of the Venezuelan universities, and national dentists who have revalidated it on the basis of international treaties and agreements concluded with the Republic, have the duty to: provide their professional services for a period of at least one year in places with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants in public and private institutions. These last two points relate to big data in dentistry, and we need to make room for it in the new legislation. These must be included in a law that takes them into account and severely punishes many people who practice dentistry illegally. As a dentist, I consider it important to update the Law on the Practice of Dentistry and the administrative penalties it contains.

In addition to achieving the goal of a dental degree, each of them must comply with all prescriptions in Venezuela BEFORE starting to admit patients. True, a dental technician is not there to take care of the patient, that is, the execution of dental procedures is reserved exclusively for the dentist.

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